Skin Care Tips While Traveling

skin care traveling

Traveling can become a tiresome event that is becomes most apparent on your face.

Airport delays, long flights, different time zones and climate changes can all take a toll on your body sometimes causing break outs or dark under-eye circles. Mini Kittour knows you love to travel but we also know that you like to look glam all day. Take note on these few tips on how to look fresh-faced amidst the overlays:

1)  Pack light.
Makeup often works against you in some situations, clinging deep into your pores or causing break outs. Because traveling requires you entering into different temperatures (think airport waiting area, inside the airpline, destination climate), it’s important to allow your skin to breathe. Using a tinted moisturizer allows for minimal coverage but keeps your skin hydrated. If you require more coverage, a light primer under your tinted moisturizer or foundation will also enable your makeup to stay in tact no matter what time zone you are in.

2)  Hydrate.
Drink a lot of water. This will help you stay alert but it will also feed your skin the moisture it needs for a natural radiance and glow. You can also carry a fine mist facial product with you on the plane to hydrate skin during the flight.

3)  Keep Your Hands Off Your Face.
Airports and travel destinations are filled with germs left behind by everyone else. Constantly touching your face with unclean hands can cause irritation on the skin, breakouts or dirty buildup. Remember to have a hand sanitizer readily available or face/body washing wipes to freshen up.

4)  Protect Yourself.
Sunglasses are not just a signature accessory while traveling but they also protect your eyes from the sun and wrinkles. A sunscreen or SPF-infused moisturizer also ensures your skin is safe from harsh UVB rays and prevents your skin from extrinsic aging.

5)  Lubricate Your Eyes.
Traveling often requires you to sit, wait and wait some more. Eye drops are a good companion during trips because they soothe your eyes if you are reading and refresh them after a nap. Lubricate your eyes to avoid redness and look amazing when you arrive at your destination.

Above all, remember to keep your beauty routine current no matter where you are. Fill up your Mini Kittour containers with three beauty must-haves:

a deep pore cleanser, a serum and a SPF moisturizer.


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