Carried Away Designer Zip Seal Bags

The zip seal bag doesn’t get much credit, or actually no credit at all, when we think about packing our essentials for travel.

carried away zip lock

TSA-approved and cuter than most!

Mini Kittour’s Carried Away designer zip seal bags are very necessary for travel and we’ll tell you why: hassle-free security check at the airport!

According to TSA carry-on guidelines, 1 quart-sized, clear plastic zip-top bag is allowed and can hold 3 oz. (or smaller) containers. We’ve all had that moment when our beauty necessities had to be taken out for not following security regulations. But our Carried Away zip seal bags make it easy to carry all your favorite beauty items and other belongings neatly inside your purse or carry-on bag.

Cute, clear and the perfect carry-on solution for every traveler, Carried Away carries you right through airport security with no hassles! And in case you are planning a trip soon, here’s a little reminder for carry-on guidelines:

carry on guidelines


Cleaning Out Your Makeup Bag

Bacteria is an unwelcomed friend that likes to lurk everywhere – including your makeup bag! When was the last time you emptied out your mini kittour® Daily and tossed out expired products? If you use makeup everyday, not only are you culminating bacteria, but you are also increasing the risk of some type of skin infection or irritation.

Check out the life span of some of your essential beauty products and make a list of what to toss out. Don’t worry, it will just be another excuse to make a trip down the beauty aisle and stock up!

  • Mascara and liquid eyeliner: 3-4 months
  • Eye and lip pencils: 3-5 years
  • Eyeshadows: 2 years
  • Lipstick and lip gloss: 2-3 years
  • Foundation: about 2 years
  • Deodorant: up to 2 years

Makeup Essentials

Mini Kittour Overnight Travel Bag on Hello Beauty Blog

These gorgeous, smartly designed travel bags are a far cry from the typical, single-compartment bag that usually makes a mess of things.” – Sonja

Hello Beauty! recentlmini kittour overnight clear bagy featured mini kittour’s® OVERNIGHT travel bag – an essential item to “travel in style“!. Our two-in-one travel set offers plenty of accessories to organize all of your beauty products for the perfect quick trip.

There are over 12 accessories featured in this item for an fuss-free getaway. Two bags in one, the Overnight travel bag can be used as a single carry-on accessory or as two separate traveling agents. The hanging organizer bag conveniently rolls up to fit into your suitcase. And for added convenience, there are two detachable compartments.

mini kittour overnight bag

2-in-1 Overnight Travel Bag

The outer clear bag can be used for added protection but can also be used seperately as a travel case. Of course, each bag comes with TSA-approved containers to store all of your beauty must-haves. It’s easy to travel with style using  mini kittour® travel collections, available in chocolate and champagne colors.

luxury travel bag

Easy to carry…



Perfect Beach Hairstyles

Have you planned your summer vacation yet? The beach is definitely an annual destination. We love listening to the waves, laying out in the sun (SPF protected, of course!) and enjoying some down time. While our bathing suit is our top accessory every summer, we love to play with these simple beach hairstyles to sport with our look:

A messy top knot looks cute and keeps hair away from the face in case it’s a windy day at the beach. Fuss-free and stylish, this look is useful in case you want to dip your feet in the ocean without wetting your hair.

sienna miller top knot

Sienna Miller

We love this low-key sexy look! Some of you already have wavy hair to sport at the beach but for the straight-haired gals, using sea salt spray or mousse helps you achieve that beachy wave look! Or make one using Glamour Magazine’s DIY salt spray recipe.

beachy waves

Kate Hudson

A loose, side braid adds a playful look for a relaxing day at the beach. Use a bright-colored band to hold it together and add a flower in your hair for added flair!

side braid

Blake Lively

The classic: a sleek ponytail.

sleek ponytail beach


What is your signature hairstyle for a day at the beach?

Coral Obsession

Who doesn’t love a splash of color?!

This month mini kittour is loving the coral hue whether it’s on our nails, on our lips or our accessories. A coral hue is not too red but not too orange and combines perfectly with a girly, chic style.



Coral Obsession

LA Magazine Lists Mini Kittour Containers a Weekend-Must!

Summer is quickly approaching and for some of us, it’s the perfect time to plan a vacation. The climate is beautiful, the days are longer and what better break from your 9-5 office?

But packing for a trip often requires logic and strategy – a feat that mini kittour® has helped thru their TSA-approved traveling accessories. Recently featured in LA Magazine, mini kittour® containers were included in their list of 52 Great Weekends Gear:

Just In Case Refillables

“Thanks to three cap options that fit this 80-milliliter PET bottle, you no longer have to leave behind non-squeezable beauty products like hair spray and perfume.”

Our  mini kittour® bottles come in Sprayer, Pump and Flip-top cap options so that you can carry all of your beauty and skin care products without having to worry about spillage throughout your flight.