Perfect Beach Hairstyles

Have you planned your summer vacation yet? The beach is definitely an annual destination. We love listening to the waves, laying out in the sun (SPF protected, of course!) and enjoying some down time. While our bathing suit is our top accessory every summer, we love to play with these simple beach hairstyles to sport with our look:

A messy top knot looks cute and keeps hair away from the face in case it’s a windy day at the beach. Fuss-free and stylish, this look is useful in case you want to dip your feet in the ocean without wetting your hair.

sienna miller top knot

Sienna Miller

We love this low-key sexy look! Some of you already have wavy hair to sport at the beach but for the straight-haired gals, using sea salt spray or mousse helps you achieve that beachy wave look! Or make one using Glamour Magazine’s DIY salt spray recipe.

beachy waves

Kate Hudson

A loose, side braid adds a playful look for a relaxing day at the beach. Use a bright-colored band to hold it together and add a flower in your hair for added flair!

side braid

Blake Lively

The classic: a sleek ponytail.

sleek ponytail beach


What is your signature hairstyle for a day at the beach?


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