Mini Kittour Jet Setter Travel Kit

Traveling sounds like such a lavish affair – until you get to the airport. All that screening and checking in. Fortunately, mini kittour® offers a variety of travel kits and accessories that regain that spirit of luxury. We love our Daily organizer for everyday schedules and our Overnight is a neat item for a spir-of-the-moment trip. But what really amps our celebrity-feel status is the Jet Setter travel kit:

travel kits for women

Chocolate & Champagne

What is so amazing about our Jet Setter is not just the detail and luxe-design but all the goodies that come inside! We made travel just a tad bit easier for you with our signature TSA-approved, leak-proof, refillable containers, a dual-ended makeup brush set and a passport cover.

travel accessories for women

Travel-Friendly Accessories

The tray compartment can be taken out for a spacious carry-on bag. Our Jet Setter also comes with an adjustable strap so that it’s easy to carry when you have just about your entire closet packed in luggage. The Jet Setter has a few celebrity fans, including Courtney Cox; but unlike other designer bags, this one is affordable, functional and stylish!

travel kit carry on

Spacious Caddy Kit




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