Stay Fit While Traveling!

Traveling can sure add life-changing memories and unforgettable experiences. But it can also make you forget about that fitness routine you’ve been so disciplined on. Aside from touring new sites, how do you stay fit when exploring a new part of the world? Mini Kittour offers a few tips to stay fit while traveling so that getting back to your routine isn’t as hard as a mission as trying to pick your new nail color shade.

Glam + Fitness

1) Use the fitness room in your hotel. Many hotels and resorts offer high-end fitness areas complete with weights and cardio machines you are used to at home. Schedule a time to workout before or after your tourist-filled day.

2) Walk and explore. Traveling is all about adventures and what better way than to walk your way around a new location! You are not only burning calories and working on those legs but you are bound to find a hidden gem you can tell your girlfriends about later.

3) Wake up early. Isn’t it wonderful when there is no such thing as an alarm to worry about? But being in a new part of the world can offer endless experiences. So why not enjoy the scenery before all the daily chaos. Put on your sneakers and take a walk to enjoy your free time.

4) Sign up for activiites. If your resort or location offers action-packed tourist activities like kayaking, hiking or snorkeling, sign up! It’s like undercover fitness – you’ll be having too much fun to even realize you are packing in a workout!

5) Indulge Partially. While your cooking duties are put on hold, that doesn’t mean you won’t get hungry. Try new foods and exotic ingredients but make sure to fill up with healthy choices like fruits, veggies and protein.




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