Makeup for the Road

Have you ever started packing for a trip and soon realized that you were also trying to fit your entire makeup collection into your carry on? It’s hard to choose one single lip color because you look darn good in a bold red lip as well as the hot pink color. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up wearing the purple eye shadow instead of the brown shade you had picked out for a smoky eye look. Packing your beauty products for travel – just one of the many missions females everywhere have to overcome.

But today, mini kittour® rounded up a few beauty items that are not only convenient and leave you with a little more space in your luggage (…just a little) but they also leave you looking just as glam as if you had booked a makeup crew throughout your trip.

Our secret weapon: 2-in-1 beauty products!

The most important part of our secret weapon is that you get more “bang for your buck”. The convenience of having two products in one is that you don’t have to be scrambling through a ton of products while you are looking for, let’s say, an eyeliner. This tactic allows you to be able to have all of your beauty products out on display at the same time, making it easier to determine your look for the day. And don’t forget to fill up your mini kittour® travel-sized refillable containers for those essential skin creams (eye cream, serums, sunscreen, primer, etc).


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