Destination: LONDON!

Currently the home of the 2012 Olympics, London has always been a fascinating destination for travel-nistas worldwide:

London boasts of high-fashion, art, architecture and yes, royalty.

We can’t forget that London also brought us a few musical acts that have created a rage overseas:

David Bowie

Spice Girls


London is definitely filled with enough attractions and delicacies that you could not possibly take in on one day.

Research historic landmarks and city hot-spots to fully condense yourself in “the City”. Below are a few locations we gathered to add to your itinerary for London:


Portobello Road Market, Camden Market


Oxford High Street



Ministry of Sound in South Bank

Fabric in Clerkenwel

Pacha near the Victoria Station


British Museum

National Gallery

Tate Modern

Afternoon Tea

The Ritz’s Afternoon Tea

The Dorchester’s Afternoon Tea

The Connaught’s Afternoon Tea

What a brief list we mustered up for perhaps there is much more to do in London! But this is just a start to some of the city’s best attractions for an unforgettable journey.


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