How to Stay Cool in the Heat

 mini kittour®is located in Orange County, California. And for those of you that are not in this area, it has been a scorcher! Just this past weekend, temperatures went up to as high as 100 degrees. So call us spoiled but we are not used to this kind of weather. How do you stay cool in this smothering heat wave, whether you are home or while traveling? We did make our way to some sort of H2O oasis but in case you can’t be near the pool, a river or the beach because somebody has to answer those work emails, we found a few cool tips to stay…cool.

  • Besides feeling uncomfortable and moody, the hot weather can make you sick, sometimes causing heat cramps or a heat stroke. It’s important to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water. For best results, keep water bottles in the freezer so you have a refreshing drink to quench you down throughout the day as the ice melts.


  • Did you know that cold lotions or toners can be used for a soothing cool-down? Store your lotion bottle or cosmetic toner in the fridge and then slather some on your feet after a long day out in the sun. 


  • Jump in the shower for a cold shower! This will instantly awaken your senses and leave you feeling fresh and clean.


  • Remember to wear comfortable clothes, preferably of cotton material that is a light color.


  • Eat watermelon. Seriously! Packed with so much water, this fruit makes cooling down such a satisfying activity. Add some to your salad, eat alone or make a drink out of it – no matter how you eat it, watermelon saves you from the heat and supplies your body with Vitamins A and C.  





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