Labor Day Fun: Chic Travel Ideas

Labor Day Weekend – our final attempt at doing something memorable before we head back into work and start to cozy up for the fall season. According to Wikipidia, Labor Day is the last weekend of summer and it is also a tribute to all you hard workers. According to us, Labor Day is a day off work and a weekend filled with events, outdoor activities, family get-togethers or mini getaways, like the ones below:


We might not enjoy the summer heat and drenching temperatures, but when you want to enjoy nature, nothing beats a hot, summer day to fully enjoy the outdoor scenery.


Every city usually has a Labor Day weekend festival going on, but if you’re city is not hosting any such event, search for nearby locations that you are more than welcome to partake of.


They usually do all the work for you; all you have to do is just stand in line and enjoy the ride.


So maybe you can’t get away for an entire weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cruise on over to another nearby neighborhood or city and explore local hotspots.


This is every one’s haven when it comes to a long, summer weekend.

No matter where your destination, don’t forget to pick up a mini kittouOvernight – our 2-in-1 travel bag fit for any fashionista!

travel tote bag

Creator Vonda Simon ready for the holiday weekend with her Overnight tote!

Use the clear shoulder tote bag for your bulkier items or on-location essentials and use the hanging clutch organizer for all your accessories and makeup products that you can leave in the hotel room or guest house:

luxury travel bag

Mini Kittour Overnight Travel Bag ($100)
*travel hanging clutch set includes accessories pictured above*


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