Hair Essentials for Travel

It’s vacation time. And you don’t want to think about anything else except exploring your new destination.

We totally get that.

Carefree Jet Setter

There are some of us that take that literally to heart and don’t spend over a minute on their beauty routine, while other glam divas get just as foxy as if they were going out with the girls. What hair products should you bring on your next trip that will allow you to indulge in every minute of your trip while still letting you look gorgeous?

After reading a few articles, mini kittour® came up with the following hair essentials during travel:

1) bobby pins

2) dry shampoo

3) round brush

4) bandanas or scarfs

5) mini kittour® refillable shampoo bottles

Our 3.3 oz refillable travel bottles are made of recyclable HDPE with flip top caps that meet the maximum size for TSA regulations. They are perfect for less frequent refilling and are reusable and recyclable. You can fill them up with your favorite hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, gel or a hair mask treatment.


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