What’s On Your Bucket List?

A New Year’s resolution is a yearly tradition we work on – for the first three months. It’s a fun idea but the reality is, stuff happens and things change.

But a bucket list!

A bucket list is a fun way to accomplish personal adventures that will create an everlasting memory. Have you created a bucket list, and if so, how many items have you crossed off your list? Aside from the usual, “visit all 50 states”, we came up with a few unique bucket list ideas that are equally satisfying and possibly more do-able.

Go to Disneyworld

Dye your hair a dramatic color

Ride a mechanical bull

Swim with dolphins

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Run a marathon, no matter what the length

Paint your own masterpiece

Learn to dance salsa

Host a birthday party you’ll never forget

Milk a cow

Visit a rainforest

Eat ice cream without feeling guilty

Be a mentor Learn a new language

Visit a historical landmark in a state or country other than your own

Plan a road trip

unique travel ideas


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