Looking Forward

Happy November 1st! It is so crazy how this past month just flew by and we are getting closer to the holidays and then…a new year! This month has just started and while some of us are getting prepared for Thanksgiving feasts and Christmas shopping, I am already looking forward to exciting changes and additions for 2013.
When I first started mini kittour®, it was a common sense idea because I was literally tired of wasting money on cheap travel accessories. As an entrepeneur, I am traveling around the world on a monthly basis to meet clients and research industry trends and needed something to help me get organized, something that was easy to pack and something that was cute to carry of course!  This year we have tried to bring more attention to our brand and are looking to expand our product line.  The MK team has been working on a few beautiful projects which you are going to love. We have been working on new products for a while now and are still trying to get them finalized. But as in all things, it takes time and patience for things to happen. And as long as you keep working on whatever it is you want to accomplish, you can make it happen! It’s never too early to set resolutions or goals for a new year. So here’s to a wonderful Autumn season full of turkey, Christmas trees, holiday desserts and exciting goals!
                                                                             – Vonda Simon, CEO and Founder of mini kittour®

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