Travel-Friendly Refillables for Packing

travel bottles

Mini Kittour offers Leak-Proof refillables – no plastic wrap needed!

Ever since airline security implemented specific guidelines for what can and can not board a plane, looking for travel-friendly packaging has become a must do for packing. There are numerous generic empty refillables you can find at the local drugstore and discount outlet; however, as generic as they come, they do not offer a guarantee that your liquids will not be oozing out of your carry-on once you land at your desired destination. Our Just in Case individuals offer smart solutions for your travel and packing needs. All of our empty refillables are TSA-Approved and Leak-Proof. Whatever body or face product, we have a bottle to conveniently allow you to bring it along any trip without the hassle of having it taken away by airport security. Most importantly, our designer travel accessories are under $10 with a guarantee that you will be re-using them for more than one trip!

Ideal for Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Cleanser:

Ideal for Face Cream, Body Scrub or Solid Hair Styling Products:

Ideal for Foundation, Toner or Serum:

travel bottles

Ideal for Eye Cream, Facial Sunscreen or Wrinkle Treatments:

 Ideal for Body Spray, Lotion, Hairspray or Face Toner:


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