Musings on the New Year

travel world adventure

As 2012 comes to end, we look back at all the adventures we have encountered. From visiting one of the most luxurious trade shows in the world (Luxe Pack Monaco) to expanding mini kittour® in Australia, we have so much to be thankful for and look forward to in the coming year.

Having an adventure is not just about jet setting in an airplane; it comes from what you gain spiritually, emotionally or personally in any life experience. Although mini kittour® was derived from the need to stay organized while still looking chic, it is the circumstances that direct us to use our travel accessories: holiday travels, well earned vacation getaways, get-togethers with loved ones, exploring a new culture or sealing a deal during overseas business meetings. These are all milestones in our life that will allow us to truly appreciate a trip regardless of the hassles of checking in, the stress of delayed/cancelled flights or the frustration over lost or damaged baggage.

The MK Team wishes you a cheerful New Year’s Day and a toast to new adventures in 2013!


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