Destination Spotlight: Ireland

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to embrace nature a little more, then let us introduce you to Ireland – where there are more mobile phones than there are people! The “Emerald Isle” has always been known as a land full of myths and legends from leprechauns to fairies and is also home to the infamous black beer, Guinness. But aside all the myths and perks, Ireland offers scenic views and cultural abundance.

Ireland vacations

Ireland is actually a European island comprised of low-lying mountains, plains and a lush vegetation. Some of the most visited sites in Ireland include the Bunratty Castle and the Rock of Cashel.

The Bunratty Castle is famous for its medieval banquets and tourists are entertained by the “Bunratty Castle Entertainers” who perform throughout.

ireland places to visit

The Rock of Cashel is another historic site filled with history and some mythology. According to tales, the Rock of Cashel originated in the Devil’s Bit – a mountain a few miles away from Cashel – when St. Patrick banished Satan himself from a cave! But in the eyes of a tourist, it is just another astonishing looking castle:


And if its lavish landscape wasn’t appealing enough, Ireland will be celebrating The Gathering Ireland 2013 – a year long celebration of Ireland and its people. According to, there are more than 70 million people around the world claiming Irish descent. No matter what seaason you decide to head out for a vacation, Ireland will be welcoming travelers with on-going festivals, concerts, clan gatherings and special sporting events.


2 thoughts on “Destination Spotlight: Ireland

  1. I have visited Galway and Dublin city of Ireland and it was really very nice experience for me. Actually I have heard some good words about Bunratty Castle which is located in Limerick but never get any chance to visit there. Currently I am looking for some good Limerick travel guide which will help me to plan my next trip to Ireland.

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