Staying Healthy for Your Trip!

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Your trip has been booked and you are counting down the days until you be will out exploring a new location. What you never plan for, however, is getting sick – before or during your trip. In a recent report by NBC news, everything from airplanes, to hotel rooms and even food can pose a threat to the health of vacationers. So before you start planning activities, check out these quick travel tips on how to stay healthy for your next getaway.


– Find out what types of vaccinations you will need to enter the country of your next destination and get them early in case you have a reaction and need some recovery time.

– In the most friendly manner, keep your distance from those that are sick. You don’t want to catch what they have and damper your travel plans.


– Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer will be your new best friends. Airlines don’t always clean up as tidy as you think and who can keep count with how many people come and go through airplanes and hotel rooms!

– Jet lag can often result in an upset stomach and insomnia. Get plenty of rest the day before you travel and if possible, sleep during your flight.

– Stay hydrated by drinking mostly water; avoid caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea.

 – Remember to get up every so often for a good stretch or a short walk to the restroom.


– NBC News recommends that travelers eat from popular street food carts, rather than obscure ones. Food stands and carts that cater to larger crowds and locals are more likely to be clean. Also, wiping down cutlery with hand sanitizer is recommended.

 – Familiarize yourself with nearby medical centers or pharmacies in case of an emergency.

– Add a little exercise into your vacation; sightseeing, going for a swim, or even taking advantage of your hotel’s gym area.

Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage!