Fun Weekend Ideas


Friday is such a celebrated day. And although today is feeling much like a Tuesday, the fact remains: the weekend is here! We daydream about exotic getaways during the week but when those are less tangible ideas, what else can you do to enjoy your weekend to its fullest? We have a few ideas that you might want to bookmark.

1) Be a Tourist in a New City

Try doing a search on for just about anything you fancy and you’ll see that you can find about a hundred different locales offering the same thing. So instead of heading out to the same breakfast cafe or coffee shop, take a drive to a nearby city or town and see what options they have to offer. You might find a hole-in-the-wall gem you’ll be raving about to all of your friends.

2) Stay at a Bed ‘n Breakfast Inn

The daily alarm clock is generally our enemy as it wakes us up from our peaceful slumber. Weekends can be our only chance to sleep in and remain enamored in our bed sheets, so if that’s your priority for the weekend, indulge in some slumber and peace at a nearby bed ‘n breakfast inn. Typically resembling cottages, these inns offer at-your-service amenities like home-cooked meals, themed food receptions, spa packages and romantic settings for couples.

3) Pretend You’re a Food Blogger

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but in all honesty, who doesn’t like a good meal? Grab a few of your favorite people and try food specials from different hot spots. Take pictures, share via social media or just discuss and indulge in the flavors with your friends. You may have to do an extra workout session at the gym but the experience: delicious!

4) Pamper Yourself

When was the last time you did something special for yourself? Take a weekend out of the month to schedule appointments for relaxing pampering sessions. There are a few spa locations that allow for all-day access to pools, hot springs, mud baths and the jacuzzi; added massage or body treatments may be charged at an extra cost.

5) Artsy-Cool

Make an attempt to visit your local museums or art galleries. They are not only budget-friendly, but they offer student discounts or even free admission. You can educate yourself on historical information or even discover a new artist. Pondering on a painting for an entire minute can even alleviate some stress!

6) Enjoy the Outdoors

Don’t you hate it when your friends post images of themselves at the beach, the park, on a hike or any place that doesn’t involve the office during YOUR working hours? So instead of locking yourself indoors for the weekend, hang out with nature. In today’s internet-driven generation, we really do forget to stop and smell the roses.

So whether you decide to stay in for the weekend or conquer any of these to-do adventures, we hope you have an amazing weekend!

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Dealing with Travel Nightmares

travel nightmare

While you can easily plan a trip to an unknown getaway or create an ultimate “To-Do” list to avoid any stress or mishaps before your vacation, as the saying goes: expect the unexpected. Too many times we’ve heard of passengers losing baggage, feeling ill or even missing a flight! So how can you avoid travel nightmares? Well often times, you just can’t…but you can figure out your way around a disastrous situation. Take note below and hope that you’ll never have to be in these situations.

Missing Your Flight

This mishap will definitely delay your trip and cause distress, especially when you assume that the airline representatives will fix this situation pronto! If you are late for your flight, be prepared to pay extra for a new seat. Seats are reserved ahead of time, so you may have to be on stand-by for the next flight.

Losing Your Wallet

Without it, we feel hopeless. Our wallet has the most vital information of ourselves so the first thing you should do is contact your credit card and bank companies. You should found out where and how you can retrieve funds if needed.

Getting Lost

The point of traveling is to explore new areas but be aware of your surroundings. Research before your trip to find areas of interest nearby. You should also know the name of the hotel you are staying at and the address. If possible, travel in groups, but if you happen to stray on your own, make sure you have contact information of taxi companies, friends/family nearby or contact information of the hotel you are staying at.

What other travel nightmares can you think of and what are some ways to deal with them?


Destination: Chicago

chicagoSo we’re thinking about pizza obviously, when Chicago comes to mind. Famous for their deep-dish pizza which often is tested against battles with a New York style pizza, the “Windy City” as they call it is home to much more than slices of delicious cheesy masterpieces.

Chicago is located in the state of Illinois and has become the third most populated city in the United States with an estimated 9.8 million people, according to The city is divided into four main areas: Downtown, the North Side, the South Side, and the West Side, all of which are represented on the city flag (one red star for each region).

chicago flag

While many visit Chicago for entertainment, it does hold a number of places worth checking out! Chicago is home to Lincoln Park, one of the world’s last FREE zoos and it is also home to the world’s largest FREE outdoor food festival – The Taste of Chicago.

So let’s go back to where this all started: pizza. A Chicago-style pizza has a crust that is up to three inches tall at the edge and includes loads of cheese and chunky tomato sauce. It is also baked in a round, steel pan that is more similar to a cake or pie pan than a typical pizza pan, often times referring to a pizza as a pie instead as it is also stuffed with yummy ingredients.

chicago style pizza

Destination Spotlight: Ireland

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to embrace nature a little more, then let us introduce you to Ireland – where there are more mobile phones than there are people! The “Emerald Isle” has always been known as a land full of myths and legends from leprechauns to fairies and is also home to the infamous black beer, Guinness. But aside all the myths and perks, Ireland offers scenic views and cultural abundance.

Ireland vacations

Ireland is actually a European island comprised of low-lying mountains, plains and a lush vegetation. Some of the most visited sites in Ireland include the Bunratty Castle and the Rock of Cashel.

The Bunratty Castle is famous for its medieval banquets and tourists are entertained by the “Bunratty Castle Entertainers” who perform throughout.

ireland places to visit

The Rock of Cashel is another historic site filled with history and some mythology. According to tales, the Rock of Cashel originated in the Devil’s Bit – a mountain a few miles away from Cashel – when St. Patrick banished Satan himself from a cave! But in the eyes of a tourist, it is just another astonishing looking castle:


And if its lavish landscape wasn’t appealing enough, Ireland will be celebrating The Gathering Ireland 2013 – a year long celebration of Ireland and its people. According to, there are more than 70 million people around the world claiming Irish descent. No matter what seaason you decide to head out for a vacation, Ireland will be welcoming travelers with on-going festivals, concerts, clan gatherings and special sporting events.

Destination: Miami, Florida

We are certainly enjoying this cold weather as we wrap ourselves with scarfs and jackets but who doesn’t see a picture like this and yearn to be laying on the beach, enjoying the scenic view and warm weather?


Join us as we take a mini dream getaway to Miami, Florida. Literally, a dream getaway because we can only imagine how it would feel like to be on the sandy coast, while instead we are cuddled up at our desks. If you’ve ever been to the “Sunshine State” you may be familiar with some of these hot spots but if you haven’t, it is definitely a trip worth taking.


We digged up a few fun facts about this beach city:

* Miami installed the first ATM  machine especially for rollerbladers.

* Florida is the only state that has two rivers with the same name (Withlacoochee).

* The first suntan lotion was invented in 1944 by Miami Beach pharmacist, Benjamin Green.

* Miami is the only major US city to be founded by a woman.

* Out of all 50 US states, Miamim has the cleanest air and water.

Destination Spotlight: Portland, Oregon

portland oregon

The MK Team jet setted out to Portland, Oregon to be a part of the Blush Beauty Bar holiday shopping event, a private shopping experience full of luxe items and non-stop goodies! And while we’ve been to a variety of other locations on the globe, this one would be a first! So what’s so cool about the acclaimed “city of roses” that we were not aware of?

We made a short list of some the things we are hoping to come across during our mini business trip:

1) International Rose Test Garden. Located in Washington Park, this 4.5 acre landscape houses over 7,000 rose plants of approximately 550 varieties.

2). Mt. Hood. What’s to say about this flawless natural highlight, only that it is definitely a sight to see and a great place to try on your hiking boots.

3). Powell’s City of Books. Haven’t really heard this name before but it is supposed to be the largest independant chain of bookstores in the world, with the flagship store being located in good ol’ Portland.

4). Voodoo Donuts. Definitely not on our healthy food list, but this location attracts a lot of people for their unique flavorings and in-store wedding ceremonies.

5.) Movie Brewpubs. Lately, going to the movies seems to be a pretty expensive venture, but in Portland, several of these movie brewpubs offer couches for seating, food and house-brewed beer on tap and it only costs about $3 to see a movie!

mini kittour travel

Portland is also known for being one of the greenest cities in America and for an amazing selection of Indie music and breweries. We can’t wait to explore this beautiful city. If you are in the area, make sure to stop by Blush Beauty Bar, say hello and indulge in a few shopping treats.

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