Fun Weekend Ideas


Friday is such a celebrated day. And although today is feeling much like a Tuesday, the fact remains: the weekend is here! We daydream about exotic getaways during the week but when those are less tangible ideas, what else can you do to enjoy your weekend to its fullest? We have a few ideas that you might want to bookmark.

1) Be a Tourist in a New City

Try doing a search on for just about anything you fancy and you’ll see that you can find about a hundred different locales offering the same thing. So instead of heading out to the same breakfast cafe or coffee shop, take a drive to a nearby city or town and see what options they have to offer. You might find a hole-in-the-wall gem you’ll be raving about to all of your friends.

2) Stay at a Bed ‘n Breakfast Inn

The daily alarm clock is generally our enemy as it wakes us up from our peaceful slumber. Weekends can be our only chance to sleep in and remain enamored in our bed sheets, so if that’s your priority for the weekend, indulge in some slumber and peace at a nearby bed ‘n breakfast inn. Typically resembling cottages, these inns offer at-your-service amenities like home-cooked meals, themed food receptions, spa packages and romantic settings for couples.

3) Pretend You’re a Food Blogger

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but in all honesty, who doesn’t like a good meal? Grab a few of your favorite people and try food specials from different hot spots. Take pictures, share via social media or just discuss and indulge in the flavors with your friends. You may have to do an extra workout session at the gym but the experience: delicious!

4) Pamper Yourself

When was the last time you did something special for yourself? Take a weekend out of the month to schedule appointments for relaxing pampering sessions. There are a few spa locations that allow for all-day access to pools, hot springs, mud baths and the jacuzzi; added massage or body treatments may be charged at an extra cost.

5) Artsy-Cool

Make an attempt to visit your local museums or art galleries. They are not only budget-friendly, but they offer student discounts or even free admission. You can educate yourself on historical information or even discover a new artist. Pondering on a painting for an entire minute can even alleviate some stress!

6) Enjoy the Outdoors

Don’t you hate it when your friends post images of themselves at the beach, the park, on a hike or any place that doesn’t involve the office during YOUR working hours? So instead of locking yourself indoors for the weekend, hang out with nature. In today’s internet-driven generation, we really do forget to stop and smell the roses.

So whether you decide to stay in for the weekend or conquer any of these to-do adventures, we hope you have an amazing weekend!

weekend ideas


Musings on the New Year

travel world adventure

As 2012 comes to end, we look back at all the adventures we have encountered. From visiting one of the most luxurious trade shows in the world (Luxe Pack Monaco) to expanding mini kittour® in Australia, we have so much to be thankful for and look forward to in the coming year.

Having an adventure is not just about jet setting in an airplane; it comes from what you gain spiritually, emotionally or personally in any life experience. Although mini kittour® was derived from the need to stay organized while still looking chic, it is the circumstances that direct us to use our travel accessories: holiday travels, well earned vacation getaways, get-togethers with loved ones, exploring a new culture or sealing a deal during overseas business meetings. These are all milestones in our life that will allow us to truly appreciate a trip regardless of the hassles of checking in, the stress of delayed/cancelled flights or the frustration over lost or damaged baggage.

The MK Team wishes you a cheerful New Year’s Day and a toast to new adventures in 2013!

Behind-the-Scenes: Our 1st YouTube Recording Attempt

travel youtube

mini kittour® creator, Vonda Simon

mini kittour® will soon be on YouTube! But it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. The MK Team scheduled and RE-scheduled shooting dates and times. We also brainstormed on a variety of topics for fellow travelers in which they could learn a few travel tips, while at the same time, getting to know exactly what our mini kittour® travel sets were about.

travel video

Setting Up Our mini kittour® Accessories

mini kittour travel tutorial

The MK Team acting as Director/Producer for the Day!

mini kittour travel

Vonda Simon showcasing the Overnight 2-in-1 Hanging Travel Kit

“Meeting with business clients all over the world is like second-nature to me, but making a video for mini kittour® was not! I was really nervous and the MK Team kept reminding me to just introduce the line and keep it short for our first video. Well, if you know me, I love to talk about mini kittour® and the beautiful packaging! So after a few recording attempts and breathing exercises, I just started talking and we recorded our intro video. I can’t wait until our next session and am super excited to introduce our luxurious travel kits in their own video segment. Stay tuned!” – Vonda Simon


mini kittour travel video

And that’s a wrap!


Looking Forward

Happy November 1st! It is so crazy how this past month just flew by and we are getting closer to the holidays and then…a new year! This month has just started and while some of us are getting prepared for Thanksgiving feasts and Christmas shopping, I am already looking forward to exciting changes and additions for 2013.
When I first started mini kittour®, it was a common sense idea because I was literally tired of wasting money on cheap travel accessories. As an entrepeneur, I am traveling around the world on a monthly basis to meet clients and research industry trends and needed something to help me get organized, something that was easy to pack and something that was cute to carry of course!  This year we have tried to bring more attention to our brand and are looking to expand our product line.  The MK team has been working on a few beautiful projects which you are going to love. We have been working on new products for a while now and are still trying to get them finalized. But as in all things, it takes time and patience for things to happen. And as long as you keep working on whatever it is you want to accomplish, you can make it happen! It’s never too early to set resolutions or goals for a new year. So here’s to a wonderful Autumn season full of turkey, Christmas trees, holiday desserts and exciting goals!
                                                                             – Vonda Simon, CEO and Founder of mini kittour®

Halloween Spectaculars!

The mini kittour® office is already decorated and the MK staff is preparing for tomorrow’s Halloween costume contest! Unfortunately, this eventful holiday lands mid-week but that hasn’t stopped many of us from feeling goulish and attending festivities all month long. From haunted attractions to low-key pumpkin mazes, there is fun for every family member. We gathered a few of our favorite Halloween-inspired links across the web that added to our Halloween excitement.

1. The 50 Scariest Haunted Houses in America by Complex Magazine

Haunted houses are haunted year round but they’re SCARY SCARY during Halloween!

2. Halloween Costume Ideas by Lauren Conrad

Each idea is equally as cute but a how-to Miss Piggy?! We love it!

3. Get Boo-tiful This Fall by FabFitFun

Pumpkin Remains for a Glowing Complexion?

4. Day of the Dead Makeup by Michelle Phan

A popular Halloween look that is beautiful and artistic

5. 15 Silly Halloween Costumes for Pets by Real Simple Magazine

This pup didn’t know he’d also make an adorable Panda!

6. Celebrity Costumes of 2012 by People Magazine

What an orginal and super cool couple costume idea by Ryan Seacrest ‘n J. Hough

7. Anything Halloween on Pinterest

The DIY Idea Center

8. Our Retro Pan Am Stewardess Costume Idea

Sexy and Classic

Hope everyone enjoys a safe and fun Halloween holiday!

Thursday Inspiration: Retro Glam

Retro Glam TravelLately, we’ve been finding some gorgeous images of retro travel-nistas and adding them onto our Pinterest board! Although not every travel trip may leave you feeling as glamourous as the model pictured above, it can be a classic look to accomplish using modern staples. We put together a simple outfit that raves of retro glamour, with an added touch of mini kittour®because what look wouldn’t be complete without our luxurious Jet Setter travel case!