What You Should Know About Passports

Frequent flyers may be well familiar with passport and traveling regulations, but if one of your New Year’s resolution is to start traveling the world, then you might want to bookmark this post. All U.S. citizens traveling outside of the country need a passport whether you travel by air, sea or land.

gold passport cover

mini kittour® quilted passport cover available in our Jet Setter Travel Train Case

Passport Fees

For people 16 and older, passport fees are $135 and they are $105 for people under 16-years-old. If you need expedited service, it will cost an additional $60 plus the express shipping charges you will have to also pay. Fees are payable by credit card, debit card, personal check or money order.

Applying for the Passport

New passport applications must be completed in person at a facility handling passport applications. You will also have to submit two color photos, 2 inches x 2 inches of your head looking directly at the camera with a plain background. While there are third-party passport services online, you will still have to appear in person at a passport acceptance agency to sign the forms. .

Process Time

Keep in mind that the application process may take about four to six weeks but can take as long three months. There are expedited services available but will require additional costs.

Additional Passport Tips

* As a low-cost alternative, a passport card is available and can be used to travel by land and sea; however, it can not be used for air travel into other countries.

* Apply for a passport during the months of August thru December, which tend to be a slower period for passport applications.

* You can fill out the passport application forms online and then print them out when you are ready to take them to the passport accepting agency.

* To ensure your passport photos are accepted, visit your local copy center to take and print passport photos.

Travel-Friendly Refillables for Packing

travel bottles

Mini Kittour offers Leak-Proof refillables – no plastic wrap needed!

Ever since airline security implemented specific guidelines for what can and can not board a plane, looking for travel-friendly packaging has become a must do for packing. There are numerous generic empty refillables you can find at the local drugstore and discount outlet; however, as generic as they come, they do not offer a guarantee that your liquids will not be oozing out of your carry-on once you land at your desired destination. Our Just in Case individuals offer smart solutions for your travel and packing needs. All of our empty refillables are TSA-Approved and Leak-Proof. Whatever body or face product, we have a bottle to conveniently allow you to bring it along any trip without the hassle of having it taken away by airport security. Most importantly, our designer travel accessories are under $10 with a guarantee that you will be re-using them for more than one trip!

Ideal for Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Cleanser:

Ideal for Face Cream, Body Scrub or Solid Hair Styling Products:

Ideal for Foundation, Toner or Serum:

travel bottles

Ideal for Eye Cream, Facial Sunscreen or Wrinkle Treatments:

 Ideal for Body Spray, Lotion, Hairspray or Face Toner:

Behind-the-Scenes: Our 1st YouTube Recording Attempt

travel youtube

mini kittour® creator, Vonda Simon

mini kittour® will soon be on YouTube! But it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. The MK Team scheduled and RE-scheduled shooting dates and times. We also brainstormed on a variety of topics for fellow travelers in which they could learn a few travel tips, while at the same time, getting to know exactly what our mini kittour® travel sets were about.

travel video

Setting Up Our mini kittour® Accessories

mini kittour travel tutorial

The MK Team acting as Director/Producer for the Day!

mini kittour travel

Vonda Simon showcasing the Overnight 2-in-1 Hanging Travel Kit

“Meeting with business clients all over the world is like second-nature to me, but making a video for mini kittour® was not! I was really nervous and the MK Team kept reminding me to just introduce the line and keep it short for our first video. Well, if you know me, I love to talk about mini kittour® and the beautiful packaging! So after a few recording attempts and breathing exercises, I just started talking and we recorded our intro video. I can’t wait until our next session and am super excited to introduce our luxurious travel kits in their own video segment. Stay tuned!” – Vonda Simon


mini kittour travel video

And that’s a wrap!


Mini kittour® 3-Piece Dual Ended Makeup Brush Set

dual ended brushes

So you probably have a good number of makeup brushes in your collection right about now. But what makes our mini kittour® brushes unique? The functionality and convenience.

Functionality – made of high quality goat hair, these brushes are extremely soft and allow the product to adhere to the brush hairs for precise application

Convenience – you get a total of six brushes in our three-piece set and are the perfect size to carry in your purse no matter where you go

Our mini kittour® 3pc dual-ended makeup brush set includes:

liner makeup brush

Liner/Brow Brush

eye shadow makeup brush

Eyeshadow/Blender Brush

face powder brush

Face/Body Powder Brush

Click here to learn more about our dual-ended makeup brush set and purchase your own!



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Hair Essentials for Travel

It’s vacation time. And you don’t want to think about anything else except exploring your new destination.

We totally get that.

Carefree Jet Setter

There are some of us that take that literally to heart and don’t spend over a minute on their beauty routine, while other glam divas get just as foxy as if they were going out with the girls. What hair products should you bring on your next trip that will allow you to indulge in every minute of your trip while still letting you look gorgeous?

After reading a few articles, mini kittour® came up with the following hair essentials during travel:

1) bobby pins

2) dry shampoo

3) round brush

4) bandanas or scarfs

5) mini kittour® refillable shampoo bottles

Our 3.3 oz refillable travel bottles are made of recyclable HDPE with flip top caps that meet the maximum size for TSA regulations. They are perfect for less frequent refilling and are reusable and recyclable. You can fill them up with your favorite hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, gel or a hair mask treatment.