How To: Airport Security Tips

airport security

We know how giddy one can be after booking a trip, but we also know how stressful it can be to actually get there. If organizing and packing isn’t enough, we still have to go through airport check-ins and airport security to finally, finally sit in the waiting room and day dream about our new vacation. However, there is no going around the airport hassle experience, but you can definitely prepare for a smoother process.

  • Before you even pack any out-of-the-ordinary objects or not sure if you can bring a specific item or product on board, check the TSA regulations to see which items you will have to pack in your regular luggage and which items you can bring in your carry-on. Review all baggage fees for your airline and make sure to always, always carry valuables with you.


  • In the U.S., you are allowed to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item, such as a laptop, a purse or a briefcase. You should place all liquid, gel and aerosol items into a one quart-sized, clear plastic bag with a zip-top closure. No single item in this bag may contain more than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) of aerosol, gel or liquid. Keep in mind that TSA screeners may perform extra tests on any powder you carry aboard.


  • While you are waiting in line to be screened, take out necessary documents to be prepared. You must have government-issued photo ID and your boarding pass. Either place your documents in a location that is easy to reach or keep them in your hand.


  • Almost any large metal object will set off the detector so pack your belts with large buckles, glitzy bangle bracelets and extra change in your carry-on bag. If you have body piercings, consider removing your jewelry before going through the airport screening process.


  • Lastly, be ready to take your shoes off. Either wear slip-on shoes or sandals that you can easily remove before walking through the metal detector and carry an extra pair of socks if you don’t like the idea of walking barefoot.

Tips by Vonda: Your Sunglasses Can Help Alleviate Jet Lag

vonda simon sunglassesDid you know that wearing sunglasses while flying not only helps you emulate celebrity status but they also alleviate jet lag during trips? It does this by slowing the change in light transportation to the eye, so your body isn’t as shocked to adjust – which is what creates the tiresome jet lag feeling.

When you step outside, sunglasses are also your best friend as they protect against sun damage even when the sky is gray (UV rays are more harsh during that climate).

Below are a few of my favorite designers I like to sport while traveling for business:


Packing Your Skin Essentials For Traveling

mini kittour flight

Mini Kittour knows the pain about airport regulations and not being able to bring your entire beauty kit everywhere you go. Which is why we created a line of bags and TSA-approved containers for an easy travel experience that are both fashionable yet functional. Founder Vonda Simon introduces a few tips she’s gathered to packing your essentials to look flawless where ever your destination:

  1. Be sure to label your bottles/jars using a permanent marker and if possible use water proof labels.

Mini Kittour memo pads include 20 sheets of note paper, 80 waterproof labels and a mini sharpie/permanent marker to label your containers and know what you have. 

mini kittour labels

Mini Kittour mini memo pad

mini kittour containers labels

Mini Kittour labeled containers

2. When packing any product that needs a dispensing pump, make sure the pump is lockable or has an over cap to prevent leaking problems.

Mini Kittour offers bottles with a variety of dispensing options to securely contain any of your beauty/skin care products:

mini kittour bottles

Mini Kittour Lotion Pump and Sprayer

Recyclable HDPE bottles with PP flip top caps

Recyclable HDPE bottles with PP flip top caps

3. Use travel sized products as much as possible.  

If your favorite product doesn’t come in a travel size, Mini Kittour’s TSA-approved containers can be purchases separately to adequately enclose all of your beauty and skin care necessities. Our leak-proof technology allows your products to arrive at your destination mess-free.

4. For easier packing and unpacking, organize and separate your toiletries by bath/shower, face and make-up products.

This will allow you to determine which products are carry-on must-haves for touching up during your flight and which products can be saved until your arrival.