Behind-the-Scenes: Our 1st YouTube Recording Attempt

travel youtube

mini kittour® creator, Vonda Simon

mini kittour® will soon be on YouTube! But it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. The MK Team scheduled and RE-scheduled shooting dates and times. We also brainstormed on a variety of topics for fellow travelers in which they could learn a few travel tips, while at the same time, getting to know exactly what our mini kittour® travel sets were about.

travel video

Setting Up Our mini kittour® Accessories

mini kittour travel tutorial

The MK Team acting as Director/Producer for the Day!

mini kittour travel

Vonda Simon showcasing the Overnight 2-in-1 Hanging Travel Kit

“Meeting with business clients all over the world is like second-nature to me, but making a video for mini kittour® was not! I was really nervous and the MK Team kept reminding me to just introduce the line and keep it short for our first video. Well, if you know me, I love to talk about mini kittour® and the beautiful packaging! So after a few recording attempts and breathing exercises, I just started talking and we recorded our intro video. I can’t wait until our next session and am super excited to introduce our luxurious travel kits in their own video segment. Stay tuned!” – Vonda Simon


mini kittour travel video

And that’s a wrap!



Mini kittour® 3-Piece Dual Ended Makeup Brush Set

dual ended brushes

So you probably have a good number of makeup brushes in your collection right about now. But what makes our mini kittour® brushes unique? The functionality and convenience.

Functionality – made of high quality goat hair, these brushes are extremely soft and allow the product to adhere to the brush hairs for precise application

Convenience – you get a total of six brushes in our three-piece set and are the perfect size to carry in your purse no matter where you go

Our mini kittour® 3pc dual-ended makeup brush set includes:

liner makeup brush

Liner/Brow Brush

eye shadow makeup brush

Eyeshadow/Blender Brush

face powder brush

Face/Body Powder Brush

Click here to learn more about our dual-ended makeup brush set and purchase your own!



Vacationing…at HOME?


So what do you do when you can’t necessarily hop on a plane and begin a travel adventure in some unknown location?

You take that vacation at home.

You might think you’ll easily get bored within the first hour but you’ll soon realize that your staycation was not long enough! We skeemed up a few perks of vacationing at home – from DIY spa treatments to catching up on life.

Before you go into home retreat mode, think about what will NOT be required: you will not have to figure out what to pack or what to leave behind, there will be no airport stress, no missed flights and no long flights. You’ll be in the comfort of your own home and space, lounging in your PJs all day if you chose to. So what to do on your days off?

Catch up. On your bills, on errands, on personal things and with friends. Plan a mid-week dinner or just a night out. You can finally mark off items on your to-do list.

Get healthy. If you haven’t thought about getting a check-up, now would be a great time to set an appointment. For the doctor, dentist, optometrist or whatever specialist you need to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Hide the alarm clock. That awesome feeling of not having to hit the snooze button or an annoying noise waking you from your much-needed rest.  You are in charge of your routine for once and can actually stay up late to mingle with friends, catch a late movie or show or just enjoy the rest of your day without feeling rushed to fall asleep.

Pamper yourself. If you have the house to yourself, why not stock up on a few essential oils and nurturing ingredients to create some at-home facials, masks or treatments and even indulge in an invigorating bath.

Be the entertainer. You know all those recipes you’ve been wanting to make but after-work chores leave you no time for recipe making? This would be the perfect time to make those. After enjoying a good meal, you can create your own film festival and cuddle up on the couch to watch your favorite movies or new releases.

Go outdoors. Whether you work full-time in an office or are constantly traveling for business, no matter what career you take, our life is always on non-stop mode. Stop and smell the roses is a phrase that is often just that – a phrase. Take some time from your day off to go for a walk, visit the park or ride your bike to fully take in the nature that sorrounds us.

After all these suggestions, a vacation at home doesn’t sound that bad after all!

Hair Essentials for Travel

It’s vacation time. And you don’t want to think about anything else except exploring your new destination.

We totally get that.

Carefree Jet Setter

There are some of us that take that literally to heart and don’t spend over a minute on their beauty routine, while other glam divas get just as foxy as if they were going out with the girls. What hair products should you bring on your next trip that will allow you to indulge in every minute of your trip while still letting you look gorgeous?

After reading a few articles, mini kittour® came up with the following hair essentials during travel:

1) bobby pins

2) dry shampoo

3) round brush

4) bandanas or scarfs

5) mini kittour® refillable shampoo bottles

Our 3.3 oz refillable travel bottles are made of recyclable HDPE with flip top caps that meet the maximum size for TSA regulations. They are perfect for less frequent refilling and are reusable and recyclable. You can fill them up with your favorite hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, gel or a hair mask treatment.