Holiday Specials from mini kittour®

The holidays are upon us! And before you travel home for family gatherings or in case you need to get your Jet Setting gal pal a few things, the MK Team wanted to remind you about a few specials you might want to take advantage of.
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Travel Accessory Special

Safe Holiday Travel Tips

It’s the beginning of one of the busiest holiday seasons. There is an abundance in travel, shopping and food. And with so many distractions, it is also one of the busiest seasons for fraud and accidents. Follow these travel tips to ensure a safe and stress-free holiday experience.

holiday travel

1. We never know when mishaps will come up but always make sure to plan ahead. Whether it is booking a flight, scheduling hotel rooms or having an emergency back-up plan, unexpected scenarios will be less stressful to handle. You may also want to keep  load your electronic devices with your favorite music, games, e-books or apps in case of any changes to your schedule.

2. If you are flying to your family and taking gifts, you have to remember that security will unwrap them. If possible, ship any items beforehand or pack your gifts unwrapped. Small items should be packed in your carry-on so that you can ensure they are safe and are easier to pass through security check.

3. Taking a family road trip for the holidays? Give your car a maintenance check before heading out and keep necessary items in your trunk in case of any roadside emergency.

4. Check local news web sites or the TSA page to be informed of any special requirements needed before traveling.

5. While you want to show off expensive and beautiful accessories, it is often better to hold off during the holidays. If you are traveling, you can become an easy target for thieves looking to stock up. Either leave luxurious accessories at home or keep them packed until the hour of holiday festivities.

6. Make copies of important documents in case anything gets lost or stolen. Passport information, credit cards, etc. And instead of traveling with several credit cards, for your own safety and perhaps budgeting purposes, carry only one card.

7. And the most important tip for a safe and happy holiday trip: Stay Hydrated! Drinking water boosts your energy and reduces stress, which will keep you alert and calm. It also cleanses the body of any toxins so if you want to indulge in delicious holiday feasts, you may want to prevent any sickness that may prevent you from enjoying your holiday.