Destination: Chicago

chicagoSo we’re thinking about pizza obviously, when Chicago comes to mind. Famous for their deep-dish pizza which often is tested against battles with a New York style pizza, the “Windy City” as they call it is home to much more than slices of delicious cheesy masterpieces.

Chicago is located in the state of Illinois and has become the third most populated city in the United States with an estimated 9.8 million people, according to The city is divided into four main areas: Downtown, the North Side, the South Side, and the West Side, all of which are represented on the city flag (one red star for each region).

chicago flag

While many visit Chicago for entertainment, it does hold a number of places worth checking out! Chicago is home to Lincoln Park, one of the world’s last FREE zoos and it is also home to the world’s largest FREE outdoor food festival – The Taste of Chicago.

So let’s go back to where this all started: pizza. A Chicago-style pizza has a crust that is up to three inches tall at the edge and includes loads of cheese and chunky tomato sauce. It is also baked in a round, steel pan that is more similar to a cake or pie pan than a typical pizza pan, often times referring to a pizza as a pie instead as it is also stuffed with yummy ingredients.

chicago style pizza


Destination: Miami, Florida

We are certainly enjoying this cold weather as we wrap ourselves with scarfs and jackets but who doesn’t see a picture like this and yearn to be laying on the beach, enjoying the scenic view and warm weather?


Join us as we take a mini dream getaway to Miami, Florida. Literally, a dream getaway because we can only imagine how it would feel like to be on the sandy coast, while instead we are cuddled up at our desks. If you’ve ever been to the “Sunshine State” you may be familiar with some of these hot spots but if you haven’t, it is definitely a trip worth taking.


We digged up a few fun facts about this beach city:

* Miami installed the first ATM  machine especially for rollerbladers.

* Florida is the only state that has two rivers with the same name (Withlacoochee).

* The first suntan lotion was invented in 1944 by Miami Beach pharmacist, Benjamin Green.

* Miami is the only major US city to be founded by a woman.

* Out of all 50 US states, Miamim has the cleanest air and water.