Dealing with Travel Nightmares

travel nightmare

While you can easily plan a trip to an unknown getaway or create an ultimate “To-Do” list to avoid any stress or mishaps before your vacation, as the saying goes: expect the unexpected. Too many times we’ve heard of passengers losing baggage, feeling ill or even missing a flight! So how can you avoid travel nightmares? Well often times, you just can’t…but you can figure out your way around a disastrous situation. Take note below and hope that you’ll never have to be in these situations.

Missing Your Flight

This mishap will definitely delay your trip and cause distress, especially when you assume that the airline representatives will fix this situation pronto! If you are late for your flight, be prepared to pay extra for a new seat. Seats are reserved ahead of time, so you may have to be on stand-by for the next flight.

Losing Your Wallet

Without it, we feel hopeless. Our wallet has the most vital information of ourselves so the first thing you should do is contact your credit card and bank companies. You should found out where and how you can retrieve funds if needed.

Getting Lost

The point of traveling is to explore new areas but be aware of your surroundings. Research before your trip to find areas of interest nearby. You should also know the name of the hotel you are staying at and the address. If possible, travel in groups, but if you happen to stray on your own, make sure you have contact information of taxi companies, friends/family nearby or contact information of the hotel you are staying at.

What other travel nightmares can you think of and what are some ways to deal with them?



Stress-Free Travel using Aromatherapy

Planning a getaway is just the beginning of a stressful situation that somehow becomes marked as an unforgettable journey. But after the planning and packing is done, getting to your actual location is where some of the stress begins to accumulate with long check-in lines, added airline fees, long flights, delayed flights, lost luggage and communication issues. To ease the stress, we found a natural cure using essential oils that will revitalize you and your senses.

stress free

If you get a little nervous before the airplane takes off or if you are traveling for an important business presentation, inhaling neroli oil can ease your nerves. This oil has been used to relieve tension and anxiety and has also been used to increase circulation.

Motion sickness can be an uncomfortable feeling, especially during a long flight. If you suffer from motion sickness, keep peppermint oil handy as it is commonly used to treat it. Before or during your trip, sip a warm cup of water with a drop of peppermint oil. Massaging peppermint oil to your temples, forehead and neck also alleviates headaches.

Taking a red-eye? Sometimes those late-night flights can interrupt your sleep schedule and leave you feeling groggy the next day. Prepare with a neck pillow and some essential oils! Add a drop of geranium oil and lavendar oil to your neck pillow for some good shut-eye.

Lavendar oil is full of soothing effects. Inhaling it can release calmness while sitting in a waiting room full of people or after you’ve arrived at your location and need some relaxation. Some add a drop of oil to tissue and inhale it from there, while others wait until they’ve settled into their hotel room and add a few drops for a warm bath. Marjoram oil can also be used after a flight to ease jet lag.

If the scent of these oils is too strong for your senses, you can always spritz them instead. You can use our mini kittour®TSA-approved spray bottle and fill with 1/2 teaspoon of lemon oil and fill the rest with water. The lemon oil allows for a refreshing scent and feeling that will revive you during a stressful scenario.

As with any liquids, ensure that your essential oils are securely stored. Use our mini kittour® travel bottles, which comply with TSA-guidelines as they meet the 3oz. rule and are the perfect size to store in your purse and carry-on. You can also store them in our Carried Away designer zip lock baggies.

storing your essential oils

MK Travel Accessories to Store Your Essential Oils