Summer Suiting

Summer Suits
Temperatures are rising in our side of town and although we were pretty excited for spring, we can’t wait for summer to get here! Summer always involves water, outdoor fun, getaways and of course, a sexy new swimsuit! This summer season, florals, animal prints and geometrically-inspired designs will be appearing in stores.
We love these girly, bright suits for soaking in the sun. What is your go-to look for summer wear?

Travel Minis from mini kittour®

Our mini travel bottles and jars are not only TSA-APPROVED, but they are perfect accessories to hold in your purse, gym bag or to keep at your desk! You can fill them with your necessary beauty treatments to touch up throughout the day such as sunscreen, moisturizer, makeup remover or cleanser.

What would you store and keep in your mini refillables?


Spring Travel Picks

When we think of spring, we think of light colors and light, fashionable pieces. Spring makes us feel pretty and comfy so we chose these two outfits to pack for our next trip that we can definitely swap to create four separate outfits – talk about packing light!
Spring Travel

Introducing: On-the-Go! Beauty Travel Clutch (Limited Edition)

Available May 1st!

Available May 1st!

We have managed to, yet again, turn plain travel supplies into must-have chic accessories. Introducing our On-the-Go! Beauty Travel Clutch – an animated zippered bag that holds necessary refillables keeping you beautiful from the inside out. The clutch comes with our four-well pill case, makeup brushes, an empty jar and empty bottles to store and carry your most coveted beauty and skin care needs.

The mini kittour® On-the-Go! Beauty Travel Clutch allows you to primp before, during or after your flight. Our leak-proof travel refillables allow you to carry your makeup routine to any destination. This nine-piece beauty travel set includes:

  • 4 custom bottles with spray, pump and flip-top caps
  • 1 medium jar
  • 1 vitamin case
  • 3 makeup brushes (powder, shadow, angled liner)


Along with must-have travel refillables, the zippered clutch is conveniently made with a ribbon handle to easily carry and access while traveling, and it is stylishly decorated with airplane icons to distinguish from any other toiletry bag when packing.

On the Go Collage

This is a LIMITED EDITION travel set – to reserve a kit and get one shipped before the launch date, contact us today!

Cruising – The Do’s and Dont’s


A few romantic changes have taken place at the MK Headquarters: two new engagements! We are happy and excited for our team members’  new life journeys and amidst wedding dresses or wedding rings, all the talk has been about destination wedding plans and cruise vacations.

So before we go on about all the lavish details, we tracked a few Do’s and Dont’s for our fellow brides-to-be:

1) As with any travel getaway, it is best to travel during off seasons, when school is back in session  and rates tend to be cheaper.

2) Many times, you have to fly to your port of call and the better option is to book the air travel through the cruise line. Although a pricier option, the cruise line will guarantee you reach your ship in time to board.

3) We know you can’t live without your cell phone, even on a ship featuring non-stop fun but do keep in mind that while you are on a cruise, you are passing international territories that could rack up increasingly high fees on your next cell phone bill. Contact your provider before your departure and be informed of roaming fees.

4) Taking a cruise isn’t just about the destination; the experience is throughout the entire trip! Take time to explore the ship and any fun events being held. Cruise ships leave daily itineraries so be sure to check those out and schedule any events you would want to attend such as karaoke and ping pong tournaments, dinner shows and more.

5) Don’t try to smuggle alcohol on board. Security will confiscate any found alcohol and it will not be returned at the end of your trip.

6) The most important rule of all? Don’t forget to take lots and lots of pictures! Whether you are celebrating a honeymoon or just enjoying a summer getaway, every experience captured will definitely be a life-long memory.

cruise ship inner

Staying Healthy for Your Trip!

bliss travel

Your trip has been booked and you are counting down the days until you be will out exploring a new location. What you never plan for, however, is getting sick – before or during your trip. In a recent report by NBC news, everything from airplanes, to hotel rooms and even food can pose a threat to the health of vacationers. So before you start planning activities, check out these quick travel tips on how to stay healthy for your next getaway.


– Find out what types of vaccinations you will need to enter the country of your next destination and get them early in case you have a reaction and need some recovery time.

– In the most friendly manner, keep your distance from those that are sick. You don’t want to catch what they have and damper your travel plans.


– Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer will be your new best friends. Airlines don’t always clean up as tidy as you think and who can keep count with how many people come and go through airplanes and hotel rooms!

– Jet lag can often result in an upset stomach and insomnia. Get plenty of rest the day before you travel and if possible, sleep during your flight.

– Stay hydrated by drinking mostly water; avoid caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea.

 – Remember to get up every so often for a good stretch or a short walk to the restroom.


– NBC News recommends that travelers eat from popular street food carts, rather than obscure ones. Food stands and carts that cater to larger crowds and locals are more likely to be clean. Also, wiping down cutlery with hand sanitizer is recommended.

 – Familiarize yourself with nearby medical centers or pharmacies in case of an emergency.

– Add a little exercise into your vacation; sightseeing, going for a swim, or even taking advantage of your hotel’s gym area.

Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage!