How To: Pack Your Jewelry for Travel

Being able to organize your belongings in a functional manner is a talent. Which is why mini kittour created travel kit organizers for hassle-free travel experiences. And while we tend to focus on making sure our entire closet and makeup items are properly packed and ready to go, our jewelry is a whole new section that deserves proper care. Check out our packing solutions for your most valuable and chicest items!

1) 2-1 Overnight Clutch – offering different compartments on a fold-able clutch you can hang, it’s easy to sort out your jewelry and have on display to easily figure out what to wear during your trip.

2) Carried Away Designer Zip Lock Baggies – currently offered FREE with any purchase, our zip lock baggies are big enough to store a large variety of your chicest jewels. You can seperate your pieces and label your baggies indicating its contents.

3) mini kittour®Pill Case – these come in handy for your smaller items like rings and earring studs and our pill case is already seperated into four different compartments!

Vacation Beauty Looks

So last week we wanted our Facebook fans to show us their favorite beauty looks while on vacation. From au natural to a bit of glam, we learned that it all depends on the location and mood you are in. Obviously you’re not going to strut a smokey-eye with Veronica Lake hair while hiking through a rainforest and instead add just a hint of eyeliner with a messy bun. We picked our favorite beauty looks while jet setting away!

vacation beauty

Free Flowing Hair with FIERCE accessories!

vacation beauty

Just a Hint of Glam

vacation beauty

Girly Cute

vacation makeup

Bare Beauty – naturally

vacation beauty

Sunkissed Travel-nista

vacation beauty







It’s a Facebook Giveaway!

We hope you’ve been enjoying our weekly blog posts with all things that inspire us: travel, beauty and health. If you haven’t yet, visit us on Facebook for daily travel tips, mini kittour specials and travel accessory giveaways. This month, we’re giving away a dual-ended makeup brush set and one of our customized pill cases. It’s all about inner and outer beauty – from nutritious smoothies to multi-vitamins as well as your favorite blush and everyday lip color.

Check out our Facebook page and upload your favorite vacation beauty look for a chance to win mini kittour beauty travel essentials:

Travel Beauty Giveaway


mini kittour® and New York Fashion Week

Our Instagram stream has been full of nothing but behind-the-scenes glamour from New York Fashion Week. Without giving it much thought, mini kittour® creator Vonda Simon and VP recently landed in the Big Apple for The Makeup Show in the midst of Fashion Week.

We recap a few of our favorite looks and designers from this season’s Fashion Week madness:

Norisol Ferrari – Designer

Her collection is carefully crafted and what she created ended in chic sophistication.

Daisy Fuentes

Showcasing a slew of her own designs, Daisy Fuentes herself looked fashion-forward glam!

Makeup from Rebecca Minkhoff models

Amidst the fierce looks with pops of bright colors, we like this do-able hint of color only on the inner part of the eyelid.

Nail Art from Lauren Moffat

It’s like an angular french mani but with added chic-ness!

Hair from Jason Wu models

This braid looks so stylish, sleek and is perfect for ANY outing.

How To: Detox After Your Trip

detox after a trip

Still in vacay mode?

You’re back from vacation and can’t stop thinking about the next trip you want to take. But you can’t stop thinking about all the food you ate and the exercise you did not schedule during your vacation. It’s something we all do. When we are home, we stick with our diet and exercise but indulge when we go on vacation. And why shouldn’t we? It is, after all, an escape, an adventure and a time to have fun. Instead of feeling bad, take these simple tips in mind. A few tips that we already do on daily basis.

1. Drink Water

If you’re feeling sluggish or unhealthy, staying hydrated is probably one of the best ways to help your body get rid of any toxins and bloating. Instead of piling up on sugary drinks, add some lemon to your glass or even a cucumber slice or strawberries.

2. Eat Healthy

We’re not saying to get on a diet, but after piling up on fast food or buffets during your vacation, it’s important to get back on track with proper nutrition. Add lean meats and veggies into your meals and you’ll feel healthier with every bite!

3. Exercise

If you already work out during your normal routine, it may be easy to head back to the gym. But if you got comfortable avoiding the gym, slowly ease back into your work out routine by scheduling a few group classes.

4. Try a Smoothie

Blending a variety of vitamin-loaded items to create a yummy drink is one of the best ways of feeling nourished. At Mini Kittour HeadQuarters, we love to browse for new smoothie recipes. Our favorites come from Kimberly Snyder, celebrity nutritionist and Beautylish contributor. Her smoothies are good for the body and great for the skin.

How do you detox after an indulgent trip?

What’s On Your Bucket List?

A New Year’s resolution is a yearly tradition we work on – for the first three months. It’s a fun idea but the reality is, stuff happens and things change.

But a bucket list!

A bucket list is a fun way to accomplish personal adventures that will create an everlasting memory. Have you created a bucket list, and if so, how many items have you crossed off your list? Aside from the usual, “visit all 50 states”, we came up with a few unique bucket list ideas that are equally satisfying and possibly more do-able.

Go to Disneyworld

Dye your hair a dramatic color

Ride a mechanical bull

Swim with dolphins

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Run a marathon, no matter what the length

Paint your own masterpiece

Learn to dance salsa

Host a birthday party you’ll never forget

Milk a cow

Visit a rainforest

Eat ice cream without feeling guilty

Be a mentor Learn a new language

Visit a historical landmark in a state or country other than your own

Plan a road trip

unique travel ideas