Winter-Proof Your Skin

Taking care of your skin should be a daily process but it is important to know how to care for your skin depending on the weather. On our side of town, skies are cloudy and rain has been making random appearances throughout. During the winter months, skin tends to become more dry with the cold winds and low temperatures.

Use body and face products with added moisture and make sure to stay hydrated  even if it is cold. Look for products that advertise “deep” or “intense” moisturizing and avoid alcohol-based toners or astringents, which can strip your skin of essential oils that help keep you moisturized. If you use facial masks every week, use them less often and avoid those that are clay-based as they tend to draw moisture out of the face.

And lastly, go shopping! Warm gloves help your hands remain moist as the cold weather can make them look cracked and can even make them become itchy and irritated. Before you go outside, slather a bit of hand cream before you put on your gloves.

What skin-saving tips do you use for the winter season?


What You Should Know About Passports

Frequent flyers may be well familiar with passport and traveling regulations, but if one of your New Year’s resolution is to start traveling the world, then you might want to bookmark this post. All U.S. citizens traveling outside of the country need a passport whether you travel by air, sea or land.

gold passport cover

mini kittour® quilted passport cover available in our Jet Setter Travel Train Case

Passport Fees

For people 16 and older, passport fees are $135 and they are $105 for people under 16-years-old. If you need expedited service, it will cost an additional $60 plus the express shipping charges you will have to also pay. Fees are payable by credit card, debit card, personal check or money order.

Applying for the Passport

New passport applications must be completed in person at a facility handling passport applications. You will also have to submit two color photos, 2 inches x 2 inches of your head looking directly at the camera with a plain background. While there are third-party passport services online, you will still have to appear in person at a passport acceptance agency to sign the forms. .

Process Time

Keep in mind that the application process may take about four to six weeks but can take as long three months. There are expedited services available but will require additional costs.

Additional Passport Tips

* As a low-cost alternative, a passport card is available and can be used to travel by land and sea; however, it can not be used for air travel into other countries.

* Apply for a passport during the months of August thru December, which tend to be a slower period for passport applications.

* You can fill out the passport application forms online and then print them out when you are ready to take them to the passport accepting agency.

* To ensure your passport photos are accepted, visit your local copy center to take and print passport photos.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The MK Team is very thankful for all of the love and support we have been getting from our fans. Whether you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or through our blog, we are dedicated to bringing you travel tips, glam and of course, our mini kittour® travel accessories. Follow us on all of our pages or on your favorite social media app.

We want to wish you a very special Thanksgiving holiday filled with great food, great company and great desserts!


Safe Holiday Travel Tips

It’s the beginning of one of the busiest holiday seasons. There is an abundance in travel, shopping and food. And with so many distractions, it is also one of the busiest seasons for fraud and accidents. Follow these travel tips to ensure a safe and stress-free holiday experience.

holiday travel

1. We never know when mishaps will come up but always make sure to plan ahead. Whether it is booking a flight, scheduling hotel rooms or having an emergency back-up plan, unexpected scenarios will be less stressful to handle. You may also want to keep  load your electronic devices with your favorite music, games, e-books or apps in case of any changes to your schedule.

2. If you are flying to your family and taking gifts, you have to remember that security will unwrap them. If possible, ship any items beforehand or pack your gifts unwrapped. Small items should be packed in your carry-on so that you can ensure they are safe and are easier to pass through security check.

3. Taking a family road trip for the holidays? Give your car a maintenance check before heading out and keep necessary items in your trunk in case of any roadside emergency.

4. Check local news web sites or the TSA page to be informed of any special requirements needed before traveling.

5. While you want to show off expensive and beautiful accessories, it is often better to hold off during the holidays. If you are traveling, you can become an easy target for thieves looking to stock up. Either leave luxurious accessories at home or keep them packed until the hour of holiday festivities.

6. Make copies of important documents in case anything gets lost or stolen. Passport information, credit cards, etc. And instead of traveling with several credit cards, for your own safety and perhaps budgeting purposes, carry only one card.

7. And the most important tip for a safe and happy holiday trip: Stay Hydrated! Drinking water boosts your energy and reduces stress, which will keep you alert and calm. It also cleanses the body of any toxins so if you want to indulge in delicious holiday feasts, you may want to prevent any sickness that may prevent you from enjoying your holiday.

What We’re Loving: Warm Sweaters

Temperatures have been slowly dropping in Orange County. For a while there were still sunny skies and a scorching heat that was not allowing us to wear our warm knits in comfort. But, alas! Cloudy skies and chill breezes are surfacing. We are loving this season and our cuddly, warm sweaters!sweaters for fall

Travel-Friendly Refillables for Packing

travel bottles

Mini Kittour offers Leak-Proof refillables – no plastic wrap needed!

Ever since airline security implemented specific guidelines for what can and can not board a plane, looking for travel-friendly packaging has become a must do for packing. There are numerous generic empty refillables you can find at the local drugstore and discount outlet; however, as generic as they come, they do not offer a guarantee that your liquids will not be oozing out of your carry-on once you land at your desired destination. Our Just in Case individuals offer smart solutions for your travel and packing needs. All of our empty refillables are TSA-Approved and Leak-Proof. Whatever body or face product, we have a bottle to conveniently allow you to bring it along any trip without the hassle of having it taken away by airport security. Most importantly, our designer travel accessories are under $10 with a guarantee that you will be re-using them for more than one trip!

Ideal for Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Cleanser:

Ideal for Face Cream, Body Scrub or Solid Hair Styling Products:

Ideal for Foundation, Toner or Serum:

travel bottles

Ideal for Eye Cream, Facial Sunscreen or Wrinkle Treatments:

 Ideal for Body Spray, Lotion, Hairspray or Face Toner: